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About Me



I am Connie Dunn BSN, RN, NC-BC, BC-MHC I am thrilled that you have found your way here. 


As a registered nurse with a passion to help those suffering, I have come to realize the need women have for something more.  

With a heart for women (and children), my goal is to help God’s daughters to heal and thrive through transformation from survivors to overcomers!


When we heal ourselves, we heal future generations!  I have a BSN RN with a minor focus in Psychology.   

I am also trained and board certified in the art and science of life coaching which led me to create my own practice where I get to help women do extraordinary transformation.  


I  previously studied massage therapy, had my own cleaning business, chartered a non profit adoption agency, worked as an office manager handling up to million dollar contracts, worked as an OR RN, and was the RN Administrator of a home health agency.


In addition, I am certified in all of the following:  Trauma Informed, Mental Health coach by the American Academy of Christian Counselors, Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, and as a Brain-spotting Practitioner.


I've recently published my first book in my Tales of Hummingbird Alley children's series and am in the process of completing my book about my life and how the Lord made me an Overcomer in Him. 


Click HERE or on the "Work With Me/More" page to purchase.  I've been a mom for 28 years, homeschooling for 23, and have spent the last 21 of that time also taking care of 2 amazing young ladies that I adopted who have multiple, severe disabilities.  I've spent ~30 years in women's/children's ministry.  I have personally overcome multiple forms of abuse and childhood trauma, having had a mother with severe mental illness that's been missing since 2004, being fatherless, years of marriage to a narcissist, losing a child by stillbirth, chronic pain, single motherhood, etc. 


Due to my own trauma and pain, I’ve made my share of mistakes and learned priceless lessons. By the grace of God, and a lot of work, I am where I am today. "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according His purpose." Romans 8:28


I now strive to devote my experience and training to help women find victory, freedom, peace, and holistic wellness.  As your coach, I will help you become an OVERCOMER IN HIM! If you have any questions, please email me anytime: 

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