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Breaking Free: Overcoming Invisibility, Silencing, and Injustice Through Faith

Have you ever felt invisible, silenced, & invalidated?

It's a painful reality for many of us. The perpetrators of powering over & abuse often use gaslighting and shaming to silence and invalidate those who dare to speak out. It can leave us feeling trapped and invisible, but I'm here to share a message of hope and empowerment.

I've been where you are. I know the suffocating weight of oppression and the relentless voices that try to diminish your worth. I was abused & then silenced by those using gaslighting, shame, smear campaigns, & even manipulating Scriptures to silence the truth.  I lived that pain for years.  As did my children.  

However, the Lord has created each of us for a purpose, and He has the power to set us free from the chains of injustice & bondage. He has come to heal the brokenhearted & set the captives free! (Ps. Ps. 34:18, 147:3)

In my own journey, the Lord intervened and revealed the truth, giving me and my children the strength to break free from the grip of oppression.  This led me on a journey to heal my children & me, to break generational curses, & create a way to help others do the same.  We are not called to enable abuse.  We are called to stand against it! 

(Rom. 12:21)

He restores what the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25), has plans to prosper us & not harm us, to give us a hope & a future (Jer. 29:11), empowers His daughters (Ps. 46:5, Prob. 31:25).  

Today, I want to share five tips for reclaiming your voice and standing tall as Overcomers in Him:

1. Seek support: Surround yourself with a community of faith and love. Find trusted friends, family members, or support groups like Overcomers in Him who can uplift and encourage you on your journey.

2. Embrace your worth: Remind yourself daily that you are valued and worthy of respect. The Lord created you with purpose and intention, and no one has the power to diminish that truth.  By doing this, you are rewiring the neural pathways in your brain from believing lies to believing His truth. 

3. Speak out: Give yourself permission to vocalize your experiences and challenge the gaslighting and shaming tactics used against you. Your voice has the power to break through the silence.

4. Lean on scripture: Find strength in the Word of God. Scriptures such as Psalm 34:17-18 and Isaiah 41:10 offer reassurance and courage in the face of adversity.

5. Advocate for change: Use your experiences to advocate for justice and support others who may be enduring similar challenges. Your voice can bring about meaningful change in your community and beyond. We do this in Overcomers in Him.  

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. The Lord walks beside you, and He has equipped you with the resilience to overcome. You are seen, you are heard, and your story matters.

Stay strong, and keep the faith.

For deeper study, research Ezer Kenegdo.  

Love & blessings!  

Connie Dunn, BSN, RN, NC-BC, BC-MHC

Board Certified Trauma Informed Positive Psychology Nurse Coach, Christian Mental Health Coach (American Academy of Christian Counselors), Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, Somatic Experiencing & Brainspotting Practitioner


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