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Empowering Christian Women: 10 Insights on Narcissistic Abuse and God's Guidance

1. Recognizing the Signs:

Christian women need to be aware of the subtle signs of narcissistic abuse, including manipulation, gaslighting, and emotional manipulation. Understanding these tactics is crucial for breaking free from the grip of an abusive relationship.

2. Impact on Children:

Narcissistic abuse doesn't just affect the victim; it can have profound effects on children. Christian women must be mindful of how the toxic dynamics in their relationships may impact their children's emotional well-being and development.

3. The Power of Boundaries:

Establishing healthy boundaries is not only a right but a necessity. Christian women should recognize the importance of setting limits on abusive behavior, creating a safe space for themselves and their children to thrive.

4. God's Design for Relationships:

Understanding God's design for relationships, as outlined in Scripture, is crucial. Christian women can find guidance in the Bible, which promotes love, respect, and mutual support within the context of healthy partnerships.

5. Trusting God's Guidance:

Clinging to God in times of trouble is paramount. Christian women are not alone; God's guidance is ever-present. Through prayer, seeking His wisdom in Scripture, and relying on the Holy Spirit, they can find the strength to navigate the challenges of narcissistic abuse.

6. Recognizing the Cycle:

It's essential for Christian women to recognize the cyclical nature of abuse. Identifying patterns and understanding that abuse is not a one-time occurrence empowers women to take proactive steps towards healing.

7. Self-Care is a Virtue:

In the midst of abusive relationships, Christian women must prioritize self-care. Recognizing their own worth in God's eyes, they can embrace self-love, acknowledging that caring for themselves is not selfish but necessary.

8. Seeking Support:

Christian women need not face the challenges of narcissistic abuse alone. Seek support from trusted friends, family, a trauma informed therapist/coach who specializes in Narcissistic Abuse, and a faith community. Sharing the burden allows for collective strength and encouragement.

9. Discerning God's Timing:

Knowing when it's time to draw the line is a delicate process that requires discernment. Christian women can seek God's guidance to understand when they need to take decisive action to protect themselves and their children.

10. Hope and Restoration:

No matter how challenging the journey may seem, Christian women can find hope in God's promise of restoration. By clinging to Him, they can emerge from the darkness of narcissistic abuse into the light of healing and transformation.


Christian women navigating narcissistic abuse should be equipped with knowledge, faith, and a supportive community. By understanding the signs, setting boundaries, and trusting in God's guidance, they can break free from the chains of abuse. Remember, you are not alone, and God's love is a source of strength that can lead to a path of healing and restoration.

Love & blessings!  

Connie Dunn, BSN, RN, NC-BC, BC-MHC

Board Certified Trauma Informed Positive Psychology Nurse Coach, Christian Mental Health Coach (American Academy of Christian Counselors), Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, Somatic Experiencing & Brainspotting Practitioner

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This is so very helpful in healing from narcissistic abuse! Thank you for this post!

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You're most welcome! Thank you!

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