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Overcoming Trauma: Restoring Our Relationship with God through Coaching with Overcomers in Him

Trauma leaves a profound impact on our lives, affecting various aspects including our emotional well-being, relationships, and even our faith. When we experience deep pain or brokenness, our relationship with God can become hindered as we struggle to understand and connect with Him. However, there is hope for restoration. Through coaching with Overcomers in Him, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards healing and rediscover their spiritual connection.

Understanding the Hindrance:

Trauma can cause individuals to question their faith and struggle with feelings of abandonment, anger, and confusion towards God. The pain experienced from traumatic events may lead to a distorted perception of God's character and intentions, making it difficult to trust Him fully. Some may even feel distant from God or struggle with guilt and shame, believing they are unworthy of His love and forgiveness.

The Role of Overcomers in Him:

Overcomers in Him is a coaching program that specializes in helping individuals heal from trauma and restoring their relationship with God. They provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can address their past wounds, process their emotions, and find healing through a faith-centered approach.

1. Creating a Supportive Space:

Coaching with Overcomers in Him allows individuals to share their pain and struggles with a trained professional who understands the intersection of trauma and faith. I help create a supportive environment where individuals can be heard, validated, and understood. This safe space is crucial for individuals to begin their healing journey and rebuild their relationship with God.

2. Addressing Spiritual Questions and Doubts:

Trauma often raises challenging questions about God's goodness, love, and presence. Overcomers in Him coaching helps individuals navigate these spiritual doubts and uncertainties by providing biblical guidance and wisdom. Through prayer, scripture, education, therapies, and compassionate dialogue, individuals can find answers to their questions and reconcile their faith with their traumatic experiences.

3. Healing Trauma through Faith:

Overcomers in Him integrates faith-based practices and principles into the healing process. I encourage individuals to lean on God's promises, embrace forgiveness, and seek reconciliation. Through prayer, meditation, and biblical study, individuals can find solace in God's presence and experience the transformative power of His love.

4. Developing Coping Strategies:

Trauma can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed, triggering unhealthy coping mechanisms. Overcomers in Him equips individuals with healthy coping strategies that are aligned with their faith. I provide practical tools and techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and triggers, empowering individuals to navigate their healing journey with resilience and reliance on God.


Trauma can indeed hinder our relationship with God, but with the help of Overcomers in Him, restoration is possible. Through their specialized coaching, individuals can find healing from their traumatic experiences and reclaim their spiritual connection with God. By addressing the wounds of the past, embracing God's love, and integrating faith into the healing process, individuals can experience a renewed and restored relationship with their Heavenly Father. Remember, the journey towards healing begins with taking that first step, and Overcomers in Him is there to guide you every step of the way.

Love and blessings! Connie, BSN, RN, NC-BC, BC-MHC Board Certified Trauma, Mental Health, and Narcissistic Abuse Nurse Coach Need help? Please email me at or follow the links in my website to set up a free Discovery Call to discuss how you can be an Overcomer in Him!


Nov 13, 2023

I am so grateful to be your client! You are truly anointed and appointed by God! Thank you for helping and supporting me during one of the most difficult times in my life! 🧡

Replying to

Awwww....praise the Lord! He is so good and sends us to just the right people. I am honored and humbled. May the Lord bless you and keep you! You are one amazing Overcomer in Him!!!😘

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