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Unveiling the Narcissist's Bait: Emotional Abuse and Its Impact on Women in Marriages

Emotional abuse inflicted by narcissists is a painful reality faced by many individuals, particularly women, within the context of marriage. One insidious tactic employed by narcissists is known as baiting, in which they deliberately elicit emotional reactions from their victims. Understanding how narcissists use baiting can help us shed light on this form of abuse and empower women to recognize the signs and break free from toxic relationships.

The Manipulative Nature of Baiting:

Baiting is a strategic manipulation tactic frequently employed by narcissists to provoke emotional responses from their victims. They use various means to bait their partners, such as deliberate instigation, gaslighting, triggering negative emotions, or creating intense situations that destabilize emotional well-being. The intention behind baiting is to manipulate, control, and feed off the emotional energy of their victims.

Once a narcissist has baited their victim by soliciting a reaction, they can then point the finger and the play the victim. This is especially harmful when fighting legal battles as the perpetrator will often set up the victim and then manipulate the situations in their favor. My ex did this in court by deleting certain texts so that it looked some my response were to a text that it was actually not a response to. Once I pointed this out to the court, all text evidence was thrown out.

Impact on Women in Marriages:

1. Erosion of Self-Worth:

Narcissistic baiting can chip away at a woman's sense of self-worth, leaving her feeling confused, devalued, and undeserving of love and respect. The repetitive nature of baiting can cause emotional exhaustion, leading to self-doubt and a diminished sense of self.

2. Isolation and Dependence:

Narcissists often isolate their victims, creating a dependency dynamic that makes it difficult for women to break free from the marriage. By baiting, they intentionally manipulate their partner's emotional responses, making them question their own judgment and ultimately relying on the narcissist for validation and direction.

3. Gaslighting and Confusion:

Baiting forms a part of a larger gaslighting strategy, distorting the victim's perception of reality. Narcissists may use gaslighting techniques, such as denying their actions or manipulating facts, to make their victims doubt their own sanity and memory. This confusion further weakens the victim's ability to recognize and address the abuse.

4. Emotional and Physical Health Implications:

Constant exposure to baiting and emotional abuse can have significant consequences on a woman's emotional and physical well-being. Excessive stress, anxiety, depression, and somatic symptoms can arise, creating a detrimental impact on overall health.

Breaking Free and Reclaiming Power:

1. Education and Awareness:

Increasing awareness about narcissistic baiting and emotional abuse is crucial. Learning to identify the signs and understanding the manipulative tactics used by narcissists empowers women to recognize when they are being baited and take steps towards their own healing.

2. Seek Professional Support:

Reaching out to professionals, such as trauma informed coaches or Practitioners like Overcomers in Him, who specialize in abuse and trauma, can provide invaluable support during the healing process. They can guide women through the complexities of emotional abuse, offer coping strategies, and nurture self-esteem.

3. Establish Healthy Boundaries:

Setting and enforcing clear boundaries is essential when dealing with a narcissistic partner. Women must prioritize their own emotional well-being and establish boundaries that protect their mental health and self-worth.

4. Seek a Supportive Network:

Building a support network of trusted friends, family, or support groups like Overcomers in Him can provide emotional validation, encouragement, and strength. Surrounding oneself with individuals who understand and empathize with the journey can be instrumental in healing from emotional abuse.


Narcissistic baiting is a toxic and manipulative tactic used by abusers to emotionally control their victims—particularly women within marriages. Recognizing this form of abuse and understanding its detrimental effects on self-worth, emotional well-being, and overall health is the first step towards breaking free from its suffocating grip. By seeking professional support, setting healthy boundaries, and building a support network, women can embark on a journey of healing, reclaim their power, and rebuild their lives without the chains of emotional abuse. Remember, no one deserves to be baited or emotionally abused, and there is hope for a brighter future beyond the darkness of narcissistic manipulation.

Love and blessings!

Connie, BSN, RN, NC-BC, BC-MHC

Board Certified Trauma, Mental Health, and Narcissistic Abuse Nurse Coach

Need help? Please email me at or follow the links in my website to set up a free Discovery Call to discuss how you can be an Overcomer in Him!


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This is so good and so true. Thank you!

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