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"Take what the enemy intended and use it for good"

Updated: May 16, 2023

Overcoming trauma leads to so many coping mechanisms. Some of them are short term and some long term. Oftentimes, what helps you survive, can be what hinders you later on.

I’m an overcomer of childhood gang rape at the age of 4, molestation, and not having a mom and dad to be there for me. This in turn led me to a toxic and abusive marriage. While these definitely produced a lot of pain, need for recovery, and stumbling of my own, they also led me to cling to the Lord for dear life. That’s our ultimate healthy coping mechanism. He alone can heal what the enemy meant to destroy in you.

Part of that journey is forgiving those that hurt you (and even yourself for not always knowing what to do and for making mistakes along your healing journey). What seems like the impossible can be exactly what you need to be free. There’s a reason why the Lord tells us to forgive. He wants us well and He knows that is part of the recovery. When we forgive, we are trusting Him- no matter what. Sometimes this includes a future relationship-if it can be healthy. Other times, such as when abuse is involved, forgiveness can still occur without a relationship. When we start that journey, we begin our healing and open the door for God to take what the enemy intended for evil and use it for good.

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